How the idea of BALI was born

January 2019 - It all started with sending a photograph to my friend Leila ...

Born from a dream

As often happens, ideas are born by chance. One Saturday morning Mara sends Leila the photo of her outfit for the previous evening's dinner: Versace skirt and Leila Bali bracelet and earrings set 12-13 years earlier, in yellow gold and with a motif that seemed to echo exactly the classic Versace motif . The caption: "the great classics never fade". Hence the inspiration: why not reopen the historical archives that have been closed for years and obtain jewels that have been updated in terms of materials and shapes? Less demanding pieces, even from an economic point of view (times have changed since the 80s and 90s!) But always and strictly handcrafted and made in Italy.

Thus, under the stylistic guidance of Leila, Mara founded the new Bali 1987 brand.

The Biography of Mara Cividini

Entrepreneur in the real estate field for about fifteen years and graduated in architecture. After graduation, she spent a few months in Los Angeles and began to approach the world of contemporary art, which she began studying the following year in London at Christie 's auction house, refining her sense of beauty and international taste. .
Married and mother of two wonderful boys.

From Friendship to Jewelery ...

The BALI 1987 brand does not come out of nowhere as we have thirty years of experience in the manufacture of jewelry on our shoulders. The purpose of our brand is to bring the historical archive of Leila Bali back to life, contextualizing those models, today. Our focus is therefore to produce new jewels with a modern touch but at the same time reminiscent of the shapes and materials of the 80s and 90s.

The Biography of Leila Bali

Of Middle Eastern origins, Leila Bali was born in Rome to an Armenian-Lebanese father and a Roman mother. The peculiarity of her, as a jewelry creator, is to propose "timeless pieces of craftsmanship". And it is in the heart of the city of Bergamo that Leila decided to open her shop-laboratory with totally original features in 1987.